Fisher's Deep Dive Wing makes a Splash!

Tags: ddw1, accessories

Just over a year ago JW Fishers introduced their new DDW-1 deep dive wing. The wing is designed to be attached to any towed underwater instrument and make it dive deeper using less cable. Ideally suited for use with side scan sonars, magnetometers, and underwater cameras it has gained wide acceptance in the underwater search and survey industry. Since it's inception the DDW-1 has become enormously popular with a variety of different users.

A Florida marine services company, Resolve Marine, is using their deep dive wing with a magnetometer and towed underwater camera system to locate WWII submarine detection cables. Researchers at the University of Alaska have attached an underwater camera to their DDW-1 to perform foraging studies on several whale species. University spokesperson Briana Witteveen says, "One application for the system is to help determine prey types". The Chevron oil company is using their wing with a Proton 4 mag to locate and track pipelines in Nigerian waters before drilling new wells. A dive shop owner in Holland, Michigan searches for shipwrecks and other objects lost in the great lakes with his side scan sonar and deep dive wing. A group of Florida treasure hunters bought a wing to use with several of their towed instrument packages including underwater metal detectors. Connecticut based Counterpoint Marine has their DDW-1 attached to a boat-towed metal detector to assist in searching for anchors, moorings, pipelines, and a variety of other targets. The Department of Fire Services in Hong Kong uses a side scan sonar and deep dive wing for search and rescue operations. "The wing helps us get the sonar down deep, beyond the range we can search with our divers", says the department's Terry Tsui.

The compact size and 45 pound weight of the DDW-1 make it easy to deploy from any size search vessel. The wing's high weight to pull ratio creates a significant downward force which maximizes the depth of the towed instrument using a minimal amount of cable. Best of all is the deep dive wing's PVC and stainless steel constuction that make it impervious to salt water and corrosion.