Fishers light up your underwater world

Tags: mc1, lights, accessories

Known for their extensive line of underwater search equipment, JW Fishers has expanded the product line with the introduction of a new underwater light system. For over 10 years the company has produced underwater lights for use on their ROVs and other underwater cameras. As a result of customer demand, the lights are now being offered separately. Two different light systems are available, the DHL-1 dual underwater light and the SL-1 single underwater light. Both lights are ideal for any of the numerous underwater inspection projects encountered by today's commercial and professional divers, including hull, dam, and bridge inspections.

The DHL-1 features two side by side lamps mounted in a holder with attached handle for ease of use by divers. The SL-1 is a single lamp which can be attached to a diver's helmet or mounted on any underwater structure. Several single lamps can be ganged together in an array for lighting large areas. The light beam is provided by high intensity quartz halogen bulbs that are water cooled, ensuring long bulb life. Both lights are available with either 100 or 250 watt bulbs. The SL-1 and DHL-1 are surface powered by either 120 volts ac or 12 volts dc which allows them to supply continuous lighting for extended underwater operations. A 150 foot cable with abrasion resistant jacket is included with the light, and cable lengths up to 1,000 feet can be supplied. The lights have slightly negative buoyancy and weigh only a few ounces in the water.

Fishers underwater lights are economically priced with the base cost of the SL-1 system at $395 and the DHL-1 at $695. These underwater lights have a depth rating of 1,000 feet and are constructed of high impact, corrosion proof PVC and urethane to provide years of trouble-free performance. Both are covered by a two year warranty.