New light system for underwater camera

Tags: mc1, lights, accessories

JW Fishers has developed an external light system for their popular MC-1 mini camera. The compact underwater camera is ideal for use where low cost or small size is critical. The new light system provides high intensity lighting to optimize picture quality. One or two lights can be attached directly to the camera housing with a specially designed, easy to remove bracket. The lights are available with either 100 or 250 watt quartz halogen bulbs and are water cooled to ensure long bulb life. Power is supplied from the surface allowing unlimited operating time. The standard mini camera system includes a 500 foot depth rated underwater housing with black & white camera and 150 feet of umbilical cable. The camera sends live video through the cable to the surface for viewing and recording. Any TV or video monitor can be connected to view the clear, sharp video images produced by the underwater camera.

The mini camera and lights are ideal for any type of underwater inspection operation. The 6 inch long, 2 inch diameter camera housing can easily be mounted to a diver's helmet or lowered into a pipe for internal inspections. An internal ring light with high intensity LEDs provides the lighting when performing internal pipe inspections with the mini cam. The MC-1 is currently in use by commercial diving companies worldwide giving topside tenders and supervisors with their own view of the worksite. The mini camera is also being used by law enforcement agencies and military units to search for evidence or explosives, and to survey underwater sites before deploying divers. Other applications for the system include inspection of seawalls and shiphulls by attaching the housing to a long pole handle and maneuvering it from the surface. Two east coast companies recently reported new and unique uses for this mini underwater camera. A Rhode Island company that manufactures sediment sampling devices attached an MC-1 to their equipment so the operator could view the area being sampled, and a dredging company in Florida attached the camera to their equipment allowing the operator to view the bottom before and after dredging operations.

A number of options are available for the MC-1 system including cable lengths up to 1,000 feet and color or PAL (European) format cameras. The color camera is a great option for those applications where a color picture is important such as viewing benthic habitats. The mini camera's housing, lights, and brackets are all constructed of corrosion-proof PVC and urethane to give years of trouble free performance.