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Learn where a sunken ship carrying millions in treasure was uncovered, or how a missing WWII aircraft was found, or what equipment is being used to make our ports and harbors more secure. Get Search Team News and you'll know who's using sophisticated underwater search equipment to find everything from Spanish galleons to underwater explosives. The newsletter features articles on underwater search operations from around the world. Read about the technology and techniques being employed by professional treasure hunters, commercial diving companies, law enforcement agencies, and military units.

Keep your search team up to date with this informative newsletter. There are sections on Commercial News, International News, and Law Enforcement & Dive Rescue News. Find out how underwater cameras are helping engineers make critical decisions about the repair and maintenance of submerged structures from hydroelectric dams to the hulls of ships. See how ROVs and sonar systems assist in environmental studies and what they are doing for the aquaculture industry. Stay informed on the new tools being used by law enforcement agencies to strengthen homeland defense and learn how underwater metal detectors help police put more criminals behind bars. Discover which government agencies are performing underwater search operations and why. Learn about the business of underwater salvage and find out how to make money finding what other's loose.

Another popular section of the newsletter is Treasures Recovered! It includes everything from the search and recovery of a lost diamond ring to complete articles on the salvage of ancient treasure ships. You'll be amazed at the variety and quantity of "treasures" pulled from rivers, lakes, and oceans around the globe.

Subscribe today and your team will be kept up to date with news of the latest recoveries and innovative technologies for the underwater world. Search Team News is published by J.W. Fishers, renown for their complete line of high tech, reasonably priced underwater search equipment. For a free copy of Search Team News or a color brochure on all of Fishers quality underwater search products, contact Christopher Combs at J.W. Fishers Mfg Inc., 1953 County St., East Taunton, MA 02718. Phone (800) 822-4744 or (508) 822-7330. Fax is (508) 880-8949. E-mail to info@jwfishers.com.